Holistic Approach – a gift from ancient Eastern philosophy


The Yin – Yang from the Chinese is an attempt to make sense of the duality that we find in our world and bring the pairs of what seem to be opposites into a constructive resolution. Always seeking harmony and balance we find a visual illustration of what a holistic approach to society could produce. The goal is to avoid seeing duality as pairs of opposites to be placed into a competition as is common in our Western materialistic approach. What appears to be opposites are actually complementary parts of the whole picture. This leads to the holistic approach to life – one that we are just beginning to re-discover here in Western society.

The Materialistic Social Dogma – is based in materialism.

It is based on competition and leads to a two class society of Masters and Servants. Common features are the use of fear to enforce compliance, central control, slavery and war. This is the barbarian approach.

The Holistic Social Dogma – is based on the holistic model.

It is based on cooperation and it is the natural state of things and it is also our alternative to the failed materialistic approach we have been using. Some common features include negotiated solutions, sovereign nations and sovereign people, human rights, self respect, peace and possibly joy. This is the civilized approach.

We can still reclaim our Birth Right

Study the Yin – Yang approach.

Let us devise a holistic approach to government.

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