A Dance of Ideas: What is Fake and what is True?

A Reality TV show called Conspiracy Analysis

It would be a dance of ideas to decide what is fake news.

The people are waking up to the fact that we have been deceived and cheated in many ways. The difference between the wealth of the elite and the poor is not normal. It appears that the elite have not played fairly and their fraud and corruption are rapidly being exposed.

We need to restore trust in our government and this starts with trust in our media. We need to know which news is the real and which is Fake News. The answer should not be dictated to us by those who own the media outlets. We deserve to hear both sides.

We need a reality TV show that analyzes all news sources so that we can learn about various opinions and then decide for ourselves which we believe to be true. We should have a televised challenge (Reality TV) and let “The People” decide.

People will not come together unless the truth is told. I suggest that this prime time TV show have a dance competition format to make it entertaining so that many people will tune in and consider all possibilities. Let us have a verbal debate based on the image of a break dance contest as seen in movies like ….  https://youtu.be/svsLt5QcuQY  –  https://youtu.be/iq2N49JXwZ8  or https://youtu.be/Ty3ZAf6lj-8 .  Clips from these movies could be used to ramp up the intensity of the debates.  Use these clips as intro or in breaks. Optimistically, we could view Life as a dance. In this case it is a dance of ideas. At this time the question is whether we will have a future of perpetual war or peace? The answer depends on which side wins this dance of ideas. The consequences are enormous.

The competition for airtime should be determined by the people. The format could be like Americas Got Political Talent. There could be seven (7) minute segments or longer as below to present an idea (something that has been considered to be fake news or a conspiracy by MSM) then time for a rebuttal. Main Stream Media (MSM) CBC, NBC, ABC must surrender time slots for alternative views. The FCC should re-appropriate prime time slots so that all views can be fairly seen and heard. There are 4 major channels where I live and I suspect this is the case in most regions of the country. We could have 2 channels for main stream media and 2 for popular alternative news sources. A variation could be to divide the time slots on all 4 channels equally between main stream and alternative voices.

We could set up a website where people could submit short film clips (~ 10-15 minutes) on various topics. Then people could vote for which were popular enough to be televised on the main stream channels. Online blogs, websites, podcasts and documentaries could submit clean succinct videos to compete for the honor to be presented on the main TV channels. Time slots of equal length could be allocated for opposition views. It would be like a verbal dancing debate to decide which is the real news and which is fake news. People could call in or text to vote.

Many ‘Conspiracy Theories’ are actually true. Therefore, they all need to be publicly analyzed. We need to be Conspiracy Analysts, Not conspiracy theorists. The name of the show could actually be Conspiracy Analysis.

Let’s have an open public debate to seek public opinion about what is fake and what is true. I suggest that we start a Reality TV show to start this process. This way we ‘the people’ will be involved in the process.

The incredible popularity of the RT cable broadcast should qualify it for time on Prime Time Television. The fact that it has been labeled as Russian propaganda does not mean that it is not true and therefore it should not be excluded. There are many other news outlets that are being suppressed or censored by social media providers. These outlets should also have a means to be heard in prime time. This is a democracy where freedom of speech is protected. There should be no censorship. In fact those doing the censoring seem to be acting outside the law of the land.

We need to be open to all possibilities and start a debate and then let the people decide what Is fake news and what is true. At this time both sides are accusing each other of being fake. Unless we have an open debate there is a 50/50 chance that we will exclude all truth from our airwaves.




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