Are we serious about stopping gun violence?

Are you serious about stopping gun violence?

We must realize that there are many factors involved.                           


There are mind altering medications.

There are violent video games.

There is too much violence in the movies and on television.

There are too many street drugs which not only lead to gang turf wars but also to many deaths by overdose.

America is also selling weapons to foreign and third world countries which people use to shoot at each other.

America is involved in many wars which also leads to militant attitudes.

Then there are also the guns themselves.


Unless all of these issues are addressed at the same time then we are not being sincere about solving the problem of gun violence and school shootings. Anyone who does not see this as a package deal is being used by those who would undermine the constitution in order to take away our human rights.




To elaborate on this package deal:


One important factor is that the listed side effect of medications for ADHD and depression are suicidal and homicidal ideation. These medications are prevalent in society, especially in the young people who have done many of the mass shootings. Kids are started on these medications at a very young age, often so they won’t disrupt classes or sometimes because schools get bigger subsidies when more students are taking these meds. In later school years, students use this type of medication to help them focus on their studies. If they don’t take them then they are at a disadvantage. The use of these medications should be strictly limited.


We should put strict restrictions on violence in movies and video games. Unfortunately, our leaders view war as the best way to solve problems so this is unlikely to happen. In fact, I believe that the military aids the movie studios in making these films and games by providing access to filming military equipment. After all they need to train our children so that they can be good soldiers when they reach the ripe age.


There are the guns. Incidentally, legally it would take a constitutional amendment to make any legitimate gun laws.  The second amendment states; A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Therefore, any congress man or woman that votes for a gun law directly without using the amendment process in in violation of their oath of office. Once they vote for a law that is in violation of the constitution (including the amendments) they can no longer legitimately continue to hold office.

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