Holistic; a new way of thinking

I began my three books with a quotation by Albert Einstein. “We will need to have an entirely new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive”. I believe that this is the essential point that we must grasp if any plan for the future is to succeed. I also believe that the term holistic is the concept that we need to understand. We need to replace our materialistic outlook with a holistic outlook. I explained this in my first book in 2002 – “Why Alternative Medicine and Why Now”.

Many solutions to various problems have been advanced but they would all keep us trapped in the same materialistic cycle – kicking the can down the road toward chaos. I have presented my opinion about how to make this transition to a holistic society in my recent book, ‘The Art of Peace”.

People in general fear change. Actually fear is the main method that our materialistic leaders use to keep the population subservient (ie. Enslaved). “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, to quote a past president. Currently we tend to fear constant wars, terrorists, unprecedented storms and a possible currency collapse. Be brave, we can create a Renaissance.

Tony Kampner



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