The Art of Peace

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The Art of Peace

The Empire Has No Soul

By: Tony Kampner


Let’s form a UNION for a Healthy Society

It is no secret that we live in a materialistic society. Materialism is based on competition and the ultimate competition is war. Our world’s history is best told as an endless series of wars. Recently many people have discovered the word holistic and some even have a good idea of what it means. A holistic approach is based on cooperation and is typifies by seeking balance between ideas that seem to conflict with one another. This approach leads to dialogue and compromises and theoretically ultimately to a peaceful society. The holistic approach has traditionally been depicted by the yin/yang symbol.


Peace has been elusive. War and peace are mutually exclusive as are cooperating and competing and materialistic and holistic. There are two separate directions that society can choose but we cannot choose both. A materialistic social dogma uses slavery to create a two-class society of rulers and subjects and the rulers desire central control. A holistic social dogma fosters individual liberty and human rights by decentralizing power with checks and balances.


Rarely an opportunity arises where it is not only possible to change course but changing course becomes essential to survival of the human race. If we take the time to understand how a simple choice has led to perpetual war and an insane arms race then we can also understand that the option for peace and prosperity is a viable option.


Creating a holistic society will be a challenge and maintaining it will take teamwork. I am attempting to provide a blueprint.


Change is inevitable so lets make it a smooth transition!

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