This table represents the foundation for Optimal Health

This is the summary of what I feel is the cause of most of human disease. This is from a holistic perspective. In other words; I feel that western logic has caused us to use the divide and conquer approach to disease. Because of this we have a fragmented approach to diagnosis and treatment. First we divided our analysis into body and soul. Then we became more sophisticated and divided again to get the 4 categories below. As time goes on, we keep dividing until we have countless sub-categories. This makes us feel like great scientists but it also distracts us from the root problems.

Copy of Table of Eight

You will notice 8 major categories in this approach to understanding human disease, represented by the eight boxes in the following table. This is because we have disease at the personal level but then these diseases also affect all of society in general – mainly at the governmental level. We currently have diseases at a personal level because our society is sick. If we do not understand this and deal with it then we will not be able to resolve many of our health issues. Our current approach is very expensive and for this reason it is not sustainable – except for the wealthy. It will be much better if we understand how to prevent disease in the future.
This does have many political implications. America is supposedly a government of, by and for the people. This means that we are responsible for the actions of our government. If out government acts irresponsibly then we will suffer health consequences. I will not go through the entire table but for example – if we are not truthful in our personal lives and if we are not taught truthful input to process then we will not have personal mental health. Likewise, if the government is not truthful then the entire society cannot have mental health. The implications are wide reaching. Justice is required for emotional health, individual liberty is essential for spiritual health and this is the reason it is so important to protect the U S Constitution which is the legal foundation for human rights (around the entire world) and it is also the guide for a society based on holistic principles.
This table is incredibly important if we hope to develop a society that will bring peace, prosperity and joy to future generations.