America’s Two Party System

Americas Two Party System

#1 Both of the two major political parties in America have a globalist agenda. Globalization seeks to centralize power and it is the opposite of what was written into the US Constitution, which seeks to keep control of power at the local level. Globalization undermines the constitution and is therefore Anti-American.

#2 The fact that the Two Party system crosses all jurisdictions and influences elections without concern for local opinions creates a national system that incapacitates all of the checks and balances placed into the “Law of the Land”.

#3 Contributions to candidate by political action committees is a form of bribery. This is specifically listed in Article II, Section 4 lists treason, bribery and other high crimes as reasons that our leaders shall be impeached. Our government is composed almost entirely of Democrats and Republicans and they all take campaign contributions from PAC’s. Once this happens, the official has lost legitimacy and also authority to hold their position – even if no official impeachment has occurred.

#4 Candidates and elected officials are compelled to vote party line and therefore do not represent their constituents as planned in the constitution. Now we are finding out that it doesn’t matter who the people vote for in the primary elections because the party picks the candidate – not the people being represented.


Our government has been paralyzed by the Two Party political system and the voice of the people has been squeezed out of the political process. President George Washington gave the following warning about political parties in his Farewell Address.

      All obstructions to the execution of the Laws, all combinations and Associations, under whatever plausible character, with the real design to direct, control counteract, or awe the regular deliberation and action of the Constituted authorities are destructive of this fundamental principle and of fatal tendency. They serve to Organize faction, to give it an artificial and extraordinary force — to put in the place of the delegated will of the Nation, the will of a party; often a small but artful and enterprising minority of the Community; and, according to the alternate triumphs of different parties, to make the public Administration the Mirror of the ill concerted and incongruous projects of faction, rather than the Organ of consistent and wholesome plans digested by common councils and modified by mutual interests.

President Washington was talking about political parties undermining the government out from under the “Law of the Land” our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. In spite of his warning, the two party political system we have in America – sprouted up shortly after he gave this Farewell address. After president Washington left office there was a disagreement about how strong the federal central government should be. Alexander Hamilton wanted a strong federal government with a central bank but others like Thomas Jefferson felt that we had just fought a war to free ourselves from strong central control and that the new system we were trying to start required a decentralized control. This debate fractured our national leadership into two camps, which set the stage for our two party political system. Since Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were both well known to president Washington, he may have seen the two party system coming when he gave this farewell address.

In 1778 there were many Americans who still felt loyalty to the British Empire, especially the merchants in the Boston and New York areas. Those people who were sympathetic to the idea of global British Empire, most likely ran for office and once elected they passed laws and enacted policies which were designed to sabotage the newly formed government and bring America back under the control of the British crown.

America is based on a constitution with three branches of government. We have 50 sovereign states and each state has counties and precincts. This design provides the checks and balances needed to prevent the tyranny that could result if there were strong central control. All previous governments around the world had been some form of central controlled dictatorship with a king or emperor or pharaoh or czar in charge. It seems to me that the founders of America designed a constitution with the objective to decentralize power in order to preserve liberty and other human rights. The “Two Party System” negates all of these protections by setting up a separate system that operates above the constitution and which demands that allegiance of the party members to the party should take precedent over allegiance to the constitution or to local voters. Since both parties seem to have adopted a globalist agenda[1] – neither can actually claim to be defenders of our founding documents. We are given a false choice in our elections between two candidates – both of which are obligated by their party affiliations to support the Anti-American agenda of globalization. The US constitution was designed with checks and balances to encourage separation of power and prevent government from becoming oppressive. Most activity of the major parties seems to me to be anti-constitutional in that they function to undermine the constitution by centralizing power into the hands of party leaders. The constitution was designed to give power to individual people and to individual states. The party system totally undermines this process because we cannot have representative government if political leaders owe more allegiance to their party than to the country and the people they represent. When candidate are elected they often do not keep their campaign promises. As a result, congress and the president rate very low in public satisfaction polls. It may be that party influences, once in office prevent our leaders from keeping their promises or it may be that they had never intended to keep their promises in the first place.

Over the years the two major political parties have passed legislation, which has guaranteed them a secure monopoly over the campaigns for election to the American government. It is almost impossible for a third party candidate to get on the ballot and get elected. The campaign rules and election process, which give the Democrats and Republicans an unfair advantage over any other candidate, are in themselves an assault on the constitution. The rules that make it difficult for people who believe in the constitution and Bill of Rights to even get on the ballots were enacted by the very parties that they protect.

One example is the Public Financing System, which was established in 1976. It entitles the major party nominees to take up to $84 million of taxpayer funds for their campaign. This alone places any outside candidate at severe disadvantage. Attempts have been made to limit the outright buying of elections – especially by powerful corporations – however there are always loop holes. An example is the recent court ruling in Citizens United vs the Federal Election Commission which has allowed political action committees (PAC’s) to make unlimited media communication to influence ballots. These PAC’s are a way that a corporation and other large groups can contribute to a candidate’s campaign without violating restrictions on corporate influence in elections.

Although America was designed to keep power decentralized – both parties constantly struggle to consolidate central control. Neither political party represents the people. They seem to play the good cop – bad cop game and whom the good cop is depends on which side of any particular issue you are on. The Democrats represent the trade unions and trial lawyers and they seek strong central control through government. The Republicans represent the military industrial complex and big business and they seek strong central control through corporations. The Democrats seem to focus on domestic issues whereas the Republicans have more of an international focus. This gives them the appearance of being different but they both take us in the same direction while focusing on different issues. The major parties no longer believe in representative government because they are both working to advance the agenda of The Empire by legislating for Globalism. This can be seen most obviously in their support for international treaties that place American sovereignty in jeopardy and in their lack of resistance to military actions, which advance the idea of global conquest that benefits corporations and bankers while it leaves all the debts to be paid by the American taxpayers.

These same party members promise (entitlements) benefits to the people, which are designed to buy the votes of the citizens who benefit from these programs. This along with many other dirty tricks are obviously, known to be unsustainable when they are offered – therefore the party elite should be liable to pay for these benefits from their personal resources. These costs should not be the responsibility of the taxpayers because the promises were fraudulent. We can get a preview of how this is likely to work out if we look to the (EU) European Union. The nations of the EU are all bankrupt for many reasons (one being the generous social safety nets – entitlements). Recently, the European Central Banks will not lend money to these countries unless they cut back on these benefits to the people. These austerity measures can now be blamed on the central banks instead of the national governments. The people then have no recourse against their government because as we saw in Greece last summer, the big banks can simply close, leaving the people with no access to their own money until they capitulate to the banks demands. The austerity measures that we are seeing within the EU only serve to confirm the claim that the promised benefits like pensions, retirement security and socialized health care are by nature, unsustainable. They are false promises that can be referred to as Ponzi schemes.

Another area where parties subvert the intension of the constitution is when money or advertising from outside the local area is flooded in (from the national HQ) to influence local elections. The constitution intended for the local people to decide what they wanted. When the parties try to influence local elections their enormous organizations overpower the will of the local people. The parties themselves violate all constitutional principles by blurring these jurisdictions when they shift funds to endorse candidates in advertisement or with campaign contributions – and thus preventing all the checks and balances placed into the constitution from working properly. All money and influence for an election should come from within the jurisdiction of that election.

If you focus on a small area – like for example – whether the Democrats or the Republicans are better, you miss the larger picture. Let’s step back and look at the big picture. It has been said that when choosing between the Democrats and the Republicans, you are choosing the “lesser of two evils”. If you want freedom and human rights then the two party system sets up a false debate. Both parties are working to undermine the constitution by endorsing a globalist agenda. Remember, at the national level, as the federal government gets more powerful (Federalism) it exerts more control leaving the states and the people with fewer rights. At the global level, as more nations become failed states we get ever closer to a world government controlled by an unelected and unaccountable and largely unknown people. We have allowed a small group of people to control national and world economies; trusting that they are operating with the general welfare of the people as their goal. If the nature of the astronomically large amount of debt, both private and national is any indication – it is clear that Federalism didn’t work. We need to slow down and restore some checks on tyranny by decentralizing power again.

America has been hijacked by the two party system. The key to reclaiming America is to understand that both parties are working together against the people. Members and supporters of the two major parties are actively working to undermine our constitution whether they know it or not. Yes, loyal Democrats and loyal Republicans are helping to destroy America. The two party system is a subtle weapon of atypical warfare much like the Trojan Horse. In my opinion, the members of these two major parties should not be eligible to hold public office because it is impossible to defend the constitution and be in a party with a Globalist, Anti-American agenda at the same time. The political parties have been used to destroy our constitutional republic. Neither party represents the American people, nor do they act to protect the constitution of our nation. People loyal to the empire system have infiltrated the parties. The two parties function together as a weapon, with the intention of destroying America from within.

Since the party leaders work in direct contempt for the American Ideal, they should incur a direct personal financial liability for the legislation they pass. Since they have intentionally violated their oaths of office by supporting globalization, they have forfeited their authority to hold their positions in office. This means that the legislation they have passed may be “Null and Void”. It also means that the liabilities America has incurred because of the actions of the two major parties should be considered to be the responsibility of party leaders and not of the US citizens. The parties and the members who have been politically active should be the ones who personally pay the debt for the cost of recent wars and the needed reconstruction of destroyed lives and infrastructure and also for the cost of social programs that may fall into the category of Ponzi schemes – not the American taxpayer.

Elected officials have no authority to vote outside of constitutional guidelines. If they succeed in passing a law or approving an activity (like a war) that is illegal or unconstitutional then those who voted for these measures (along with their affiliated think tanks, lobbyists and media affiliates) should bear the full cost for the results of their agenda. Any law that is inconsistent with the constitution is invalid because there is no authority to enact it. If these laws are passed anyway then the legislators or judges (in the case of case law) are guilty of treason. This may actually set the stage for a re-evaluation of all laws passed since the constitution and Bill of Rights were enacted because the motivation for these laws and amendments may have been designed to undermine the founding documents.

Here are a few more early opinions about political parties.

“I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever, in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else, where I was capable of thinking for myself. Such an addiction is the last degradation of a free and moral agent. If I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all.”

                 – Thomas Jefferson to Francis Hopkinson, 1789

Here I would add that every candidate on either side has some good points and some points that one might disagree with. The problem is that being loyal to a party
forces one to accept the bad with the good. We often see people defending their party leader when they do not agree with all of their policies.


In 1858 Abraham Lincoln gave a speech where he said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. Although he was talking about slavery, I feel that this applies to many other issues as well – but especially to the two party system. At this point in time I would say that, This American government & our country cannot survive if we are divided against ourselves half Democrat and half Republican.


I could even make the case that members of the two major parties in America (The Democrats and the Republicans) should not be eligible to hold public office because of the reasons stated above. These parties have undermined the entire system that the constitution had intended.



[1] For globalization to work as envisioned, the idea of national sovereignty must be eliminated. For America, this would mean allowing a set of laws would be established above our constitution. America would become subservient to a global ruling body that above our congress and president. Globalism is the opposite of what was designed into the constitution therefore any elected official that supports a globalist agenda is no longer qualified to hold public office because they have violated their oath of office and possibly they are no longer qualified to be citizens because they have violated the oath of citizenship. Globalism is Anti-American. Both of our major parties in America have an Anti-American agenda and are therefore acting as Trojan Horses.

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