America is an idea whose time has come!


Before the American War for Independence from the British Empire there was no nation and no government designed by the people, of the people and for the people. This was a very novel idea because the people in all previous kingdoms were subjects of the rulers. All people were basically regarded as slaves by the ruling classes until the founding legal documents for the new American government were crafted. Some people would like to rule the world by forming a world government but they cannot accomplish their goal if people are allowed to be free. They must destroy the U S Constitution and Bill of Rights and the idea of sovereign people and sovereign nations before the can exert their global domination.

It was not easy to achieve independence  back in 1776  and it will not be easy to maintain now in the 21st century. This website is an effort to share ideas which can lead to a successful completion of the project our founding fathers started when they drafted our constitution. To paraphrase president Lincoln, 2015 has brought us questions which will test whether this nation or any nation so conceived can endure any longer.

Yes, America is an idea. It is the belief that “we the people” can set up and maintain a system which will protect the rights of each individual. We proclaimed independence from the idea of empire, where people are subjects of a ruling class. Empire is basically a system based on slavery. These idea of America land of the free and an empire upon which the sun never sets are not compatible. The idea of empire where people are subjects or property cannot tolerate a country trying to promote the idea that people are free.

Because of the American Revolution, Americans won the opportunity to prove that “we the people” can set up and maintain a government which would prove that we can preserve these rights. Our founders set it up with the constitution but it is up to us to maintain it.

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